we are special in

making delicious dishes


Excellent service is a key characteristic of a successful restaurant. Patrons of the restaurant pay not only for the meal, but also for the experience of being served

Good Food

Good food is the foundation of any successful restaurant; good food is the reason why customers patronize the establishment.


The price of the food takes into account all characteristics of the restaurant. Restaurant patrons expect prices to reflect the level of service.

Cooking is one of the great gifts you can give to your love

Food is essential to life therefore make it good and eat it

Today Specials

Checken Momo

This delicious appetizer can be steamed or fried

Chicken Fry

Great as appetizer and this spicy chicken fry makes a great appetizer. Totally addictive

Our Chefs

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  •  With the hope of adding harmony to the environment, Rosemary organizes evening musical events where you can enjoy live music. A professional band plays soft and soothing Western and Nepali traditional fusions. This will be a new yet great experience to enjoy food and drinks with our live music.